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EDDM Postcard Mailing

Key Information you’ll need to start with…
  • Area / Zip Code
  • Budget
  • In-Mail box date
It takes a minimum of 8 Business Days for us to Print the Postcards, Bundle the Prints, Process the EDDM Paperwork, and Deliver it to the Post Office.

According to a Fortune.com article posted on November 2021, These are America’s 10 most expensive zip codes:

Rank Zip code Location Median sales price in 2021
1 94027 Atherton, Calif. $7,475,000
2 02199 Boston $5,500,000
3 11962 Sagaponack, N.Y. $5,000,000
4 94957 Ross, Calif. $4,583,000
5 33109 Miami Beach $4,475,000
6 90210 Beverly Hills $4,125,000
7 93108 Santa Barbara $4,103,000
8 90402 Santa Monica $4,058,000
9 94022 Los Altos, Calif. $4,052,000
10 98039 Medina, Wash. $4,000,000

Repetition in Advertising

Here’s the thought process: Anyone can decide what Zip Code they would like for their campaign to be distributed, but repetition is key. The most effective way of advertising frequency is repetition, at least more than 10 exposures is needed to achieve maximum consumer attitude. Each Hexican’s marketing budget allocated to Direct Mail may not be enough for such heavy saturation, but collectively our budget will be large enough for the most effective campaign.
Each Hexican willing to create a mailing campaign to the above list of Zip Codes will contribute to the collective efforts of a repeating campaign to benefit from heavy advertising penetration.

Tool for Analyzing Zip Codes