HHex Promo - Not-for-Profit Printing to Amplify Awareness of our Investment

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Fillup Banks

About Hex Promo

Really about me...
  • Who are you?
    My name is Fillup Banks, day 0 Hexican before the Adoption Amplifier.
  • How are you able to do this for so cheap?
    I run a print & marketing agency for a living.
  • Are you a nice guy?
    No, I’m doing this out of self-interest. If I am able to supply professional materials for people willing to promote my investment, I win.
  • Can I contact you about other printing needs apart from Hex?
    You can, but don’t expect to receive the same rates and I am very expensive.
  • Do you service outside of the States?
    No, I don’t, but if you like I can send you the print files and you can get it done with a local printer. Just contact me.
Fillup Banks