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Ideas to Advertise Hex at $0 Cost

These are some of the tactics I use for my own businesses. While some are not trackable, one is and I’ve received a lot of exposure. I’m giving these ideas in hopes that those who want to promote HEX, but don’t have the funds to do so, can also participate in an effective way. – Fillup Banks

Converting Negative Comments into an Educational Opportunity

The HEX community is very passionate and is quick to defend their investment. Sometimes it looks like a mob attacking a person, but we should understand these negative comments come from a place of ignorance and instead of being offended and defensive … an invitation to a Q&A can start a dialogue to clarify what HEX really is. Name calling doesn’t make a person switch their mind, in fact they tend to double down.

It’s not so much for that 1 person, it’s not to convert them, it’s for all those other people that come after and see what has been posted, because these replies live on the internet forever.

In business, if you receive a bad online review, replying with defensive insults doesn’t help the brand… it’s advised to reply to that comment in a concerned helpful manner, so when others look up your business they can see how you treat your customers.. we need to be more like disciples and less like Spartans.

  1. Acknowledge Complaint
  2. Provide An Explanation Without Being Defensive
  3. Be Open To Follow-Up Questions
Social Media Engagement
Responding to the Haters

Piggybacking Off Local Business

This first tactic is trackable. Every month Google sends me alerts of how many views my reviews have been seen, and it’s a lot. I’m one of the top reviewers in my area from doing this little trick.

I visit a restaurant, turn on the Location on my mobile device, place a business card in front of my entrée, take a picture and add it to the restaurant’s Google Maps/Places Page.

It doesn’t have to be a restaurant. It can be any business. The more popular the place, the hire the views. The more relevant the better the results. Think about attractions in your city. Those are good for tourists.

This might blow up my strategy with so many people doing it, but I’m willing to sacrifice 😉 it for the cause.

Steps to Post to Google
3 Steps for posting photos on Google Maps.
1 Month Stats for Hex Promotional Postcards on Google Maps
1 Month Stats from just me alone. Think about this compounded by how many times YOU do it and how many times the rest of the Hexicans do it.

You can do this with a HEX Flyer, I’m pretty sure a Screenshot of the image may work, but I’ve never tested it. Or if you have to write it on a piece of paper, make sure to write “38% APY”  or other attention grabber prominently with the HEX.com address.

WiFi Renaming

Though this may not have as much of a reach as the former tactic, this strategy is a one-time event that will last for a very long time. Rename your WiFi to the following or something similar: HEX.com – Average APY 38%

There is no extra security risk by attempting this. The people who see the WiFi name still need the password to access your network.


Home / Business

Though this is a stagnant location, those who see it will more than likely see it many times which is great for advertising.

Mobile Device

This is a great way to get new people to see the HEX brand without being intrusive. Airports, Hotels, Office Buildings, etc.


Most new vehicles now-a-days have a built-in hotspot option. Even if you don’t have a data plan the hotspot is discoverable. 

iPhone Airdrop

I’ve never used this this next tactic, not because it might be quite spammy, but because I don’t own an iPhone. It’s effective enough to halt a airplane, so use with caution.

In a recent tweet, @CryptoNomad6 uses the iPhone Airdrop feature to send Hex Content/Memes to unsuspecting nearby public.
The success rate might be low, but if you’re in a waiting area and have nothing else to do this might be a way to fill the time.
iPhone Airdrop Marketing

Are these tactics as effective as paid-marketing? Possibly not as effective, but the HEX Chat at the moment of this post has 38K members and there’s strength in numbers. If you don’t have the money to help promote HEX, then this can be an option.